Visit of Professor Augusto Zimmermann on Thursday 9th May at 7:30 pm in the Trinity Church Hall, Camberwell.

Augusto is a Professor of Law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Perth. He was a member of the Law Reform Commission. He is a highly esteemed academic and a prolific contributor to the national discourse on freedoms; freedoms of speech, of religion, and from governmental over-reach. He has written amongst other works and journal articles “Christian Foundations of the Common Law”.

He will be speaking on the Christian response to loss of freedoms using current real life examples.

This will be a ticketed but free event and will allow for audience interaction.

Professor Zimmermann will also be part of a panel speaking at the event on 11/5 at Quest in St Kilda (in person and streaming tickets/info here) along with Doctor David Bell, Professor Ian Brighthope, Professor Ramesh Thakur and other speakers.